Will I miniatures

2020 Foals 


WI Heavens Designer Sunrise 


N/Z PATN1/n 🙂 


This refined filly is so sweet and her trot is amazing! 

Will mature about 33in.

Check out this pedigree ! 

Tonopah, Az

AMHA/AMHR (name pending) 


Sweetest colt ever ! 

Foaled 5/15/19 

Color results PATN1/n No Gray ! aa Ee 

Will be about 31in mature height. 

Located Tonopah Az 928-916-3556 call/text Look at that face ! 

Dam and sire pedigree below 

Sire pictured CR Spotted Wolf 

Dam Luck Velvet Houdini 
This boy has , Carousel Designer Legacy plus Velvet , Little Kings Black Velvet ! Will make a great herd sire ! 

Kako's Carousel's Finishing Touch x CR Chief Spotted Wolf 
Foaled 05/06/19
" Ladybug " 
Appy Hollow Impressive Legend RR x  Roz's Just N Time 
Will I Legend of Time 
Foaled February 10 2018 

Appy Hollows Impressive Legend RR x Will I B Lucky 4 
2016 was a rough season due to many stallion issues. We had no foals , please come back for 2018 season starting in Feb will have some very  very nice babies. 

2015 foals for sale ! 

All 2015 foals have been sold. Please join us again next season !


Lost Spoke Spanish Creek Contessa x Pals Ultimate Eagle

foaled little beautiful colt on 3/23/2015


WI Contessa's Ultimate Trinket aka Trinket

RIP my sweet angel . Easter Sunday 2015  

T Bar T Masquerade's Solid Gold x Will I Have an App for That

Foaled beautiful filly on 3/27/2015


Will I Masquerade Marvelous Color  aka Baby Gracie

Honey the mare that foaled Gracie has decided she no longer wanted to care for her foal

so also pictured is Gracie new mama, Daisy a wonderful mare I have here.

Daisy accepted her, with love and acceptance . Daisy lost her foal the night prior

due to wrong position.

                                                                                           Gracie is sold ! 


Honey, Baby Gracie birth mother.


Daisy, Baby Gracie adoptive mother.


Luck Velvet Houdini x Pal's Ultimate Eagle

Foaled a beautiful tiny colt 3/3/205 AMHR /AMHA Will I Ultimate Velvet Valentino aka Thumper


 Mini Magic Sugar Baby x KPM Honey Pony Appsoltely Marvelous

Foaled a beautiful FILLY 1/20/2015 First filly in 5 years, our farm need this .Beautiful silver appaloosa .

This was a partial  red bag delivery, I had help you have mere minute to get foal out, she was a trooper letting us help the foal. All went well , welcome to the world Will I's Marvelous Cinnamon Sugar ! AKA Cinny

******SOLD ***** 


 KPM Honey Pony Appsolutely Marvelous x Pick Pocket's Cheater's Hits the Spot

Foaled a dark bay sweetest colt ever !! 01/20/2015


WI Cheater's Appsolutely Spotless

for sale $500.00

Though he is out of 2 appaloosa's he did not inherit any appy genetics.

he is a special sole for sure, very very calm and sweet nature.


    2014 foals for sale !
We lost our only foal due. Those in foal 2014 for 2015 were far enough along for the move.

                                       2013 foals for sale ! 

 AMHA pending /AMHR foaled Sept 15 2013  aka Jazz!!
Beautiful Silver Dapple Appaloosa Colt
Dam JS April Love
Sire Honey Pony Appsolutely Marvelous
Will be ready March 2013 Will take payments until weaned , Come meet your baby.. He is for  Sale Barn page for further  

details.    Re-Play of foaling.


Mini Magic Sugar Baby x Pal's Ultimate Eagle

Will I C Ultimates Spots  AMHR foaled Feb, 16 2013      colt


This boy is adorable, hes super sweet...and not to mention a beauty!!! Will make a great  stallion to add to your herd.

WOW look at that blanket!! @6 weeks old. **For Sale**    ******SOLD*******

                                            2012 Foals for sale

 "Will I Quicksilver Lucky Won" aka Lucky.. AMHA 6.5" cannons Foaled June 15th. Fathers Day foal.  Beautiful Bay Colt, he is perfect size and put together just right, gorgeous doll face, big doe eyes, just like sire. Very  leggy and perfect conformation . For Sale, payment accepted until weaned on or around October. Contact for price.

Dam : Lucky Velvet Houdini

Sire: Quicksilvers New Red Ferrari



 "Will I B Stargates Legacy" aka: Copper AMHA/AMHR cannon 7". Beautiful bald face colt!! This boy has a animated trot with high knee action, beautiful trot. Extremely friendly , will be available for sale , payments until weaned. Contact for price.

Dam: Lost Spoke Spanish Creek Contessa AMHA/AMHR

Sire: Staregates Miccnifficent AMHA/AMHR


                                          2011 foals for sale ! 

 Spectacular Cinnamon Spice foaled this little gem on May 24 2011 at 11:30 am....


Will I New Red Capri...aka  Whipser ..AMHA very tiny  weighed in at about 9lbs and about 17in. tall.

 Mini Magic Jaunty Juilet foaled a beautiful bald face colt!! on May 13 2011

WCMHA..WIll I Splash You Some Magic..

Sire: Tazmanian  Flying Scutterbotch  LWO Positive Silver Buckskin.


 Rosa Roca Summer Sunshine foaled this little silver buckskin on March 21 2011

WCMHA ..Will I Flying Summer Belle

Sire : Tazmanian Flying Scutterbotch


                                                            2010 foals were also included in the computer crash. 

                                                                                   2009 foals for sale  

 Mini Magic Jaunty Juilet folaed this Pintoloosa on APril 14 2009 at 3am.

Rj's M&M Zorro.....aka Peanut

Sire: RJ'S Zorro , Leopard Appaloosa.

2008 foals information and photos were lost in computer crash.