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                                      I have NO  puppies at this time . Updated 02/28/2015


             *******ALL SOLD ******

              All babies have been spoken for ...

We have babies....they will be ready on or around the 2nd week of Aug. 3 females left. Please call 928-916-3556 Read information below as to the what they come with. I will be making a delivery to Lake Havasu and Kingman on Aug 23rd. Reserve your puppy now, with a non refundable deposit.

They are CKC or AKC .  all puppies come with, puppy kits, first bag of food., shot records.  They are hand raised and played with, have lots of one on one attention, most babies do not go to new homes until they are eating on their own and doing well.

The vet I use for my litters is Dr. Steve Montgomery in Blythe  CA

Circle H Veterinary


 The red spot you see on puppy's back is not blood it is an ink pen, I mark them as I give shots as not to double dose. I do sometimes vaccinate myself if I cannot get into office.


 My daughter Amber helps with giving out Love and playtime, she wears them out..



Known as the clown of the canine world, a Basset Hound is sure to bring you some laughs. The Basset Hound is a terrific family pet, because they are intelligent, easygoing, sociable, loving, and loyal.

They are great with children and other dogs, and are friendly with strangers. They love to be part of the family and go for rides in the car, watch TV with you, and play in the yard. They are also prone to mischief.

 They are a pack hound, and are uncomfortable when left alone for hours at a time. If no humans are available, a Basset will need another dog or cat to keep him company. The Basset Hound is famous for being stubborn and strong-willed.

He is a master of getting his own way. He will hurl his 65 pounds onto your lap when you are least expecting it, sometimes when you are sleeping. Even though the Basset was bred to be a hunting hound, they often behave more like an over sized lapdog.

 A Basset needs to be kept on a leash or safe in a fenced-in area. He will often follow a scent that interests him, which can sometimes lead him into dangerous situations, like a road. Even though they are not high energy dogs, they are capable of impressive bursts of speed.

While Bassets can be lazy and love to sleep for hours in a patch of sun, they also love to go for long, unhurried walks. If you want to own a Basset, you must be comfortable with drool and slobber. Bassets love to eat and will beg for and steal food any chance they get. They are not opposed to climbing up onto the table to lick plates. They are also good for cleaning up food spills, but are infamous for snatching a cracker out of a young child's hand.

 It is not safe for Bassets to do much jumping, so a Basset owner must be prepared to provide a boost now and again, helping their Basset into a car and onto the couch. Bassets are often difficult to house train and are prone to gasiness.

They love to "sing," which your neighbors might interpret as baying or howling.

 This male is for sale, he is unaltered what a beauty CKC .****SOLD****


History - It is believed that the breed possibly existed before the 16th century, but based on early basset hound information and facts, the first time the dog was mentioned was in the late 1550's by a Frenchman named, Fouilloux, who spoke of the canine in his hunting text. Bassets are recognized as direct descendants of blood hounds, and were originally bred for hunting fox, hare, opossum and pheasant. They were celebrated for their keen sense of smell and their docile, devoted and loving nature. These canines are part of the Hound dog group and have been nicknamed the "Hush Puppy Dog".

General Appearance - This dog is very low to the ground and has a relatively long and stocky body. His two most distinctive features are his long floppy ears that fall to just above his legs, and his round soulful eyes. The most common coat coloring is a tri color  mixture of black, white and tan. However, the coat can also be a bicolour mixture of white and lemon.

Size - According to basset hound information and facts, he is a medium sized dog, weighing approximately 45 - 65 pounds and standing 11-15 inches at the withers.

Temperament and sociability - Although natural born hunters, this pooch is one of the least aggressive dogs you can own. He is well mannered, peaceful, friendly, sweet and gentle to all, including strangers. He even gets a long well with most family pets. He adapts to virtually any family environment and is highly sociable. The basset is very affectionate and patient with children, and enjoys playing with them. He also makes for a good watchdog, but is not a guard dog.

Energy - While historical basset hound information and facts reveal that this particular canine loves the outdoors, which is very true, he is quite lazy indoors and is happy to lie around for hours. This makes bassets suitable to both apartments and houses. They should be taken for a 20 minute walk two times per day and have playtime. Note: Always keep this breed on a leash when walking because they will take off to track a scent if they pick up a smell that interests them.

Training - He can be slow to housebreak and very stubborn to train. You need to be persistent, consistent and have patience with your pet.

Grooming - These pooches are average shedders , but their smooth, short coat is easy to take care of, and only needs to be brushed a few times a week. Another essential part of their grooming is ear checking and cleaning, which should take place once per week to prevent infections.

Life span - Basset hounds live an average of 10-12 years

Health issues - Last but not least, important basset hound information and facts that should not be overlooked are health issues. Bassets are prone to: obesity, ear infections, otitis externa (smelly ear), bloat, Von Willebrand's disease (blood disease), interdigital cysts (cysts between toes), and glaucoma. Few have cherry eyes, noticeable soon after eyes open , some can be massaged back into place others require surgery.