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Foaling Kits 

Whether you have a kit already or need to add to or replenish, these kits are amazing, and have everything you will need at foaling time.  ( comes with everything in picture except plants. ) 

Small foaling kits come with everything you need to welcome your foal into the world . The kit is $130.00 and ships for free in the USA only. List of items below of what will be in kit. When you click BUY NOW you will be directly taken to Paypal. 

* Carrying tote. 

* Over sized towel. 

*Miniature Fleece foal blanket. 

* Wormer Ivermectin for mare.

* 2 Long glove's. 

* Dental floss if cord care is needed. 

* ProBios. 

* 1 Vet wrap. 

* Foal colostrum oral gel . This DOES NOT replace mares milk , this is a booster for foal. 

* 60cc syringe with long tip . If needing to syringe foal colostrum. 

* Sterile scissors . If emergency arise's , red bag , etc. 

* 1 Fleet enema . If needed for foal. 

* 3 Chucks. To have on hand , drying or for laying foal on. 

* Chorhexidine spray 4% 8oz. Foal cord care. 

* KY jelly. If needed for emergency. 

* Hand sanitize. 

* Notebook and pen. Jotting down those things you cannot remember in an emergency.