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    We strive on beautiful miniature appaloosa horses. 

    If you see a horse you like and would be interested in purchasing send me an email or call. Most of the  pictures of the miniatures are  in their natural environment , I don't take a lot of professional , pictures, as most horse's don't look like they are going to a show everyday. I like to see them in their everyday,  beauty.We have produced some beautiful Appaloosa foals in the past few years.


All miniatures  will be  registered and/or... AMHA/AMHR  /FBR

I  breed for quality not quantity.   I am  always changing my  website seems its always under construction, trying to keep updates and pictures current for each season, gets busy around here, so sometimes I fall behind. 

You can reach me direct, at 928-916-3556 or email us at williminiatures@gmail.com  I will be happy to talk to you and answer any of your questions, before bringing a miniature to your family. You can call or text  me anytime.