Luck Velvet Houdini 

    aka Cricket..

     2006 AMHA/AMHR 33in


Lucky Four Black Velvet Buckeroo x 3 D's Sonny D

Lucky Four , Little Kings and YES ,Boones Little Buckeroo !!

There are 5431 foals share the Buckeroo name in the AMHA database. Amazing, isn’t it that one little stallion could make such a dramatic influence on breeders of Miniature horses worldwide. We went to the source of all things AMHA, Barbara Ashby, who graciously shared her most private moments with the great little horse from the first time she saw him as a five year old to her recent visit with him just months before his thirty-second birthday. These two icons of the breed would most certainly agree it’s been a wild ride. And Barbara is the first to agree what an astounding impact and effect Buckeroo has made to Miniature horse breed. Phenomenal doesn’t begin to describe it.

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