Miniature Horse Hauling 

USDOT #3004368 MC #25756 Commercially Insured. 

We here at Will I Miniatures, strive for the best in everything we do, including hauling ours and perspective  clients . We maintain and follow a rigorous maintenance program, for the upkeep of our trucks and trailers. Follow all USDOT/MC rules and regulations. Our drivers complete a safety coarse in loading, hauling, driving and caring for the smallest of miniatures. We have been breeding miniature appaloosas for about 15 years now, and have had the pleasure of hauling for many friends so decided to make it my life goal to ensure, these little ones are taken care while out on the road.  They will have clean shavings, water easy accessible, hay nets in all stalls, great ventilation, cameras in trailers, frequent stops, and tons of love and care. We do not haul big horses, as this trailer is custom to fit the little ones, dividers go to the  floor, you will never have to worry about the big ones, next to your little one, or where they will be put.   Communication is also extremely important while in route you will receive updates and maybe a pic or 3 during stops, to ensure you all is well.  

My phone number and email is on home page for contact, you can text also for a quote or message our FB page here;

Looking forward to hauling for our future clients. 

We also offer a 5% off discount card for future hauls, and 10% for a referral to a paid haul. This card will be given to you at pick-up.